header photo | Eduadvise: Empowering students on their College-bound Odyssey, member of OACAC, HECA, NACAC, IECA (assoc.)You are starting on an important journey supporting your child as he or she applies to college. From choosing which colleges to consider, to visiting campuses, to finding ways to pay for college, the college application process requires hard work, research, and planning for both students and parents. It is also important to remember that your child deserves to OWN this process himself or herself. Below is an outline of the guidance programs we offer.


In this one-hour session, we offer parents and their student an overview of our services. We explain how we facilitate a student’s search for universities in the US and then guide the student through each step of the application process. After the initial consultation, we provide a written proposal suggesting the most appropriate program for the family’s specific needs. The introductory session charge will be deducted from the fees for comprehensive services when a family contracts for a package.

can be applied to the menu of services listed below.

  • Ten-hour UK and European Undergraduate University Application Consulting
  • Twenty-hour US University Undergraduate Application Consulting
  • Comprehensive University Application Consulting (up to 40 hours)
  • Ten-hour Graduate Application Consulting 
  • Additional hours can be added to packages
  • Hourly rates offered at a premium



  • The application process and requirements
  • Development of a strategic standardized testing plan (PSAT, SAT, ACT, TOEFL), personalized schedule and test-preparation advice
  • Strategies for the student who is not a good tester
  • An introduction to researching universities on the internet
  • Review of rankings and how to use them
  • Assistance with preparing a resume
  • Recommendations for extracurricular activities and summer programs based on the student’s interests and aptitudes


  • In-depth interview with parents and student to identify college preferences and best matches
  • Assessment of the student’s academic record since Greek 3η Γυμνασίου / U.S. Freshman Year / U.K. Year 10
  • Evaluation of student’s “competitive student quotient”‘ on standardized tests
  • Consultation on researching and preparing a list of universities
  • Assistance with refining “The List” based on family feedback, 2α Λύκειο / IB I / Junior Year grades and standardized test results
  • Personal Educational Advisory Services Student Account (accessible via internet)
  • Timely reminders to keep on schedule
  • Recommendations for supplementary resources
  • Resources for planning a successful college visit
  • Advice on how to demonstrate interest
  • When travel is not possible: virtual campus tours and other resources


  • Overview of the financial aid application process
  • Discussion of athletic and merit scholarship opportunities
  • Introduction to the Common Application & Institutional Applications for the U.S., UCAS for the U.K. and Studielink for the Netherlands. U.S.
  • Review of applications
  • Advice on how to demonstrate interest
  • Editing of extracurricular resume
  • Essay brainstorming sessions
  • Editing support
  • Counsel in how to request the most effective letters of recommendation


  • Advice and practice for admissions interviews


  • Evaluation of financial aid and scholarship packages received
  • Advice on selecting the best-fit university
  • Advice on waitlist offers
  • Overview of the student visa application process
  • Advice for a successful transition to student life and counsel on potential cultural differences


Delivery of services will be accomplished via face-to-face sessions, “virtual” meetings online, email, and telephone conversations/conferences.
Educational Advisory Services, in all cases, will not utilize personal contacts at admissions offices on behalf of students and does not guarantee admission to any particular university.


Sarah Contomichalos is a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling and subscribes to the Statement of Principles of Good Practice Laura O'Brien Gatzionis and Sarah Contomichalos are members of the Overseas Association of College Admissions Counselors Laura O'Brien Gatzionis is a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling and subscribes to the Statement of Principles of Good Practice
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